Cement mill slip ring motors

Cement mill slip ring motors. Motor in photos below is:

– Medium voltage modular slip ring motors for European cement gigant corporation

– Specially designed cooling for medium voltage slip ring motor

– Slip ring motor 900kW – custom made electric motor for cement works.

– Electric motor H27R-SR-500-06; 800kW; 990 rpms .; Y6000V; B3

– Application: vertical mill drive (cement mill slip ring motor)

Cement mill motor
medium voltage slip ring motors
medium voltage slip ring motors

Cement mill electric motors

Cement mill electric motor 6000V for cement manufacture plant. We design and sell medium and high voltage slip ring motors to customers worldwide. We supply electric motors with a variety of voltages, cooling techniques and big range of power output. For more information on the tech specs of these high-quality electric motors, please contact us directly via email or phone.

Cement mill motors in best quality

Cement mill motors are available in a wide variety. In one location, sales and development are merged. For more information on our existing stock quantities, please contact us. Ours is one of Slovakia’s largest stocks of its kind. We feel the urge to maintain a large stock of electric motors for our customers. As a result, we can ship orders to the buyers as quickly as possible. We also understand that each procedure has its own set of conditions, as well as the fact that every customer is different. As a result, we will build custom electric motors to meet the unique specifications. Simply tell us what you’re searching for, and we’ll do as much as we can to help you find it.

MV, HV slip ring motors for cement mill

We design electric motors for cement factories, coal plants, refineries, waterworks, major industrial firms in a number of industries, and more. Our medium and high voltage slip ring motors are among the finest on the market at the moment. They’re constructed with cutting-edge technology and high-quality components that will last for ages. An image gallery of one of these amazing machines can be found on this page. If you have any doubts or reservations about our slip ring motors, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone or email. Our experienced workers will gladly respond to questions you may have and lead you through the process of picking your new slip ring motor.

900kW slip ring motor

Slip ring motors with a voltage of 6000 volts or other are available. We have many large slip ring motors on site. We go to great lengths to make sure our clients are pleased. We’ll modify the motor voltage to meet your requirements. The design and size of the motor frame can be customized. We may also include a number of accessories upon request. Your motor will be really one-of-a-kind, designed to your exact specifications.

VYBO Electric slip ring motors are ideal for a variety of applications.

VYBO Electric’s medium, high voltage slip ring motor is an excellent option. Here are some of the advantages of collaborating with us:

  • The best price-to-quality ratio on the marketplace
  • The level of productivity is very high
  • A strong platform
  • Dimensions that can be adjusted to meet the specifications
  • Bearings of a high degree of reliability and a long service life
  • Many happy customers from around the world
  • Slip ring motors in low and high voltage come in a number of sizes
  • Low levels of noise (dB)
  • The amount of vibration is kept to a bare minimum
  • A framework that is both functional and minimal in size
  • A diverse array of accessories

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