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Electric motor 710kW H17RL-400-4, 1789rpm, 380V-400V-420V, 440V-460V-660V-690V-720V, 50Hz-60Hz-IC411-IE3-low-voltage-LV

710kw electric motor 710kw H17RL 400-4 1789RPM 380V, 400V, 660V, 690V induction squirrel cage motor low voltage high output motors IC411, IP55, 50Hz, 60Hz, IE2 IE3 IE4

electric motor H17RL 400-4 710kW 380V-400V-420V-660V-690V IE3 sales on stock Europe VYBO Electric

low voltage electric motor 400V

Low voltage big power electric motors H17RL VYBO Electric (squirrel cage)

VYBO Electric series of low-voltage electric motors will satisfy all your needs. All low voltage electric motors systems from our extensive portfolio ensure excellent reliability and long life. Our low voltage motors provide added value, which brings significant cost savings over the service life.

VYBO Electric low voltage motors are available in virtually every conceivable configuration, and offer power in the range of more than 2 MW. If you choose your low voltage motor from the LV motor range, you will gain considerable flexibility. This includes several types of cooling systems and degrees of protection, as well as types suitable for use in aggressive environments and potentially hazardous areas.

VYBO Electric offers low-voltage asynchronous motors with short-circuit armature and slip ring electric motors. We supply motors in compact and modular versions, air and water cooled.

medium and high voltage motors factory VYBO Electric

The production process of VYBO Electric is mainly focused on quality. We consider the biggest advantages of our company: High quality, express fast delivery of goods, a wide selection of electric motors.

electric motor H17R, medium or high voltage

The company has many years of experience in the production and distribution of various types of electric motors. We can design and manufacture an electric motor exactly according to specific customer requirements.

Stator frames:

- ribbed frame in gray cast iron

- welded frame for finned electric motors

- welded tubular frames

- welded modular constructions for high-power electric motors as well as modular frames in gray cast iron

- special aluminum frames for applications with low weight

medium and high voltage motor assembling
big power motors assembling vybo

Types of rotors:

- rotor with closed squirrel cage - aluminum

- rotor with closed squirrel cage - copper

- rotors with double copper cages

- slip ring rotors


Each winding works using high-tech VPI technology.


We regularly perform type tests, piece tests, full load testing of new electric motors, routine tests and many others...

VYBO Electric is a guarantee of quality.

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vybo electric rotor induction motors

All possible voltages available: 380V, 400V, 420V, 440V, 460V, 660V, 690V, 720V and more...

electric motor LC high quality vybo

The H17RL series electric motors are among the highest quality electric motors used on the European industrial market.

H17RL electric motors are designed for heavy industry and are classified as "Heavy duty process performance" class.

They are developed and manufactured especially for European industry and European market, especially for Western Europe (Germany, Benelux, Austria ..)

They are characterized by visually modern design created by Hi-TECH technologies designed by many years of experience. The specific curves of the H17RL electric motor reduce the temperature and noise during operation.

The design of H17RL electric motors is maximally optimized for perfect operation with the lowest possible vibrations and high overload capacity.

H17RL electric motors are designed so that they can be switched on directly or via a frequency converter. They are optimized for VYBO Electric frequency converters.

electric motor LC parts vybo

Frame - perfectly designed construction made of gray cast iron. With low noise, minimal vibration and excellent ventilation properties. Stator - stator sheets - cut by machine and pressed with high precision. Winding - copper enamelled wire of the highest quality and purity. VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation system) - vacuum impregnation. Machine winding.

LC electric motors

H17RL electric motors already contain above-standard elements as standard equipment:

- Steel cooling cover, cooling propeller (plastic cover is used as standard)

- Reinforced bearings with closed steel screen

- Special high-temperature-resistant grease in reinforced bearings

- Metal terminal box (plastic is used as standard)

- Reinforced bearing shields

electric motors vybo electric

H17RL electric motors are equipped with PTC thermal protection.

Upon request, it is possible to add any additional accessories directly from us.

- PT100 temperature meters

- Bentley Nevada vibration sensors (made in USA)

- Bimetal sensors

- Anticondensation heaters

H17RL electric motors are manufactured in maximum quality and with great precision.

VYBO electric motors




400 mm


VYBO Electric


710 kW


60 Hz



Rated speed

1789 rpm



Rated voltage

400/690 V



Rated current

1213/703 A

Locked Rotor Current

700 %

Rated Torque

3790,1 Nm

Locked Rotor Torque

120 %

Breakdown Torque

220 %

Efficiency (50%)


Efficiency (75%)


Efficiency (100%)


Power factor (50%)


Power factor (75%)


Power factor (100%)


Insulation class


Temperature Rise


Service factor




Ambient temperature



1000 m

3D video of electric motor

Protection degree







2.8 mm/s

Approx. weight

3790 kg

Rotor inertia

22 kg/m2

Noise level

98 dB(A)

Direction of rotation


Starting method





DE-6326C3 / NDE-6326C3

Regreasing int. (h)

DE-4000 / NDE-4000

Grease amount (g)





IEC60034-1 / GB755


IEC60034-2 / GB/T1032


IEC60034-9 / GB10069.3


IEC60034-14 / GB10068

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H17RL 400-4


710 kW

Rated voltage

400/690 V


400 mm




60 Hz


1789 rpm


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ISO certificates

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