Industrial DC electric motors and AC generators

Industrial DC electric motors and AC generators

Industrial DC electric motors

Industrial DC electric motors are on stock. They are available in a wide range of cooling methods and voltages. We produce and export industrial DC electric motors around the world in a timely manner. We have a fleet of electric motors on board right now. More information about these high-quality motors is available upon request. If you’d like to learn more about our services, please send us an email. We eagerly anticipate hearing from you.

Industrial DC electric motors on stock

DC electric motors for industrial use come in all sorts of sizes and output ranges. For more details on the current stock situation, please contact us. In Slovakia, our stock is one of the largest of its kind. We make every effort to have a big supply of industrial DC electric motors on hand. As a result, we are able to easily satisfy demands. We also understand that each company has its own required specifications, as well as the fact that each customer is different. As a result, we also make motors that can be customized to meet the specific requirements. Let us know what you’re searching for, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you find it.

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Industrial DC electric motors

AC synchronous generator

AC generators

Industrial DC electric motors and AC generators

Steelworks, power plants, sewage facilities, large manufacturing companies in a wide variety of markets, and more depend on our industrial DC electric motors. Our medium and high voltage motors are currently among the best on the market. They’re made from long-lasting components with the latest cutting-edge innovations.

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Gallery - Industrial DC electric motors and AC generators

You can find some photos of these impressive motors below. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions about our motors. The contact information can be found above this text or on the Contact section. Our knowledgeable team will gladly answer any questions you may have and walk you through the process of selecting your new electric motor as quickly as possible.

Industrial DC electric motors VYBO Electric

Industrial DC medium and high voltage electric motors. A variety of cooling options are available. There are a number of frame sizes, output power, voltages, poles, and mounting options available for these motors. On request, a variety of accessories and modifications are also available. More information will be provided by our knowledgeable workers. You can contact us at any time by email or phone. We eagerly anticipate your calls and emails.

Why industrial DC electric motor from VYBO Electric?

DC electric motors from VYBO Electric are an excellent option. Here are a few reasons why you won’t be disappointed you go with us:

  • The most cost-effective quality-price ratio
  • Motors with an excellent rating of efficiency
  • Strong frames
  • The dimensions can be modified to meet the requirements
  • Bearings of a high level of dependability and a long service life
  • Satisfied customers from all over the world
  • Electric motors are available in a range of sizes and voltages, including low and high voltage
  • Vibrations and noise levels are both mild
  • Lots of accessories