Latest reference project in Oil & Gas sector:
Supply of 5pcs. of 315kW squirel cage motors H17R-355-02, 315kW, 2pole, 6000V
Explosion proof motors – aplication: pumps in oil refinery


MV motor 315kW

MV motor 315kW

 Latest reference project in Cement industry:
Supply of large slip ring motor for cement mill.
1000kW slip ring motor VYBO Electric H27R-SR-560-06; 1000kW; F/F; IC611; 6pole; 6000V
Aplication: vertical cement mill in cement plant


MV slip ring motor

MV slip ring motor 1000kW

 Latest reference project – motors for power stations:
Supply of 1300kW inverter duty motor H17R-630-04; 1300kW; Y6000V; IC416
Aplication: frequency inverter regulated exhausting fan
Customer: coal power station
1300kW electric motor

1300kW electric motor


Latest reference project – water treatment:
Supply of 6pcs. VFD electric motors H17RL-355-02, 500kW, 400V, B3
Aplication: high pressure KSB water pumps
Customer: pumping station
500kW electric motors

500kW electric motors

Latest reference project – pumps:
Supply of special low speed motor VYBO Electric H17R-560-14, 315kW, 14 poles, 6000V
Aplication: low speed recyrculation pump
Customer: power station
315kW MV motor

315kW MV motor 14 poles

Latest reference project – vertical motors
Supply of H27R-710-10, 710kW, 10 pole, 6000V vertical motor IM V1
Aplication: low speed pump
Customer: power station

Vertical 710kW motor

Vertical 710kW motor




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Czech coal power stations and coal mines



POLDI  Steel plant Kladno







Gas and Oil pipelines pumping


Aluminium plant Žiar nad Hronom



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Nuclear and coal power stations










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