Variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives

variable frequency drives A550

Variable frequency drives A550

Power range: 22kW-160kW
Voltage: 400V

Standard and industrial applications.

variable frequency drives V800

Variable frequency drives V800

Power range: 22kW-400kW
Voltage: 400V

Heavy-duty VFD with vector control. Suitable for all applications and heavy duty industry.

variable frequency drives V810

Variable frequency drives V810

Power range: 22kW-3000kW
Voltage: 400V, 690V, 1140V

Extremely resistant high tech professional VFD for all types of industries. Standard, dynamical and process applications. Lots of integrated features.

vfd x550

Variable frequency drives X550

Power range: 0,55kW-18,5kW
Voltage: 230V,400V

The X550 frequency converter with IP65 protection is suitable for humid, dusty or otherwise polluted environments.

Variable frequency drives

Variable frequency drives from VYBO Electric are of first-class quality. We keep all products in stock and send them out immediately after receiving the order. In VYBO Electric, you will always find a fast and professional partner who will be happy to advise you and answer your questions if you want to find the optimal solution when choosing a variable frequency drive (VFD). In all our work, we focus on customer satisfaction. We consider ourselves a successful industrial partner and consultant. Many customers around the world appreciate the high quality of our frequency converters as well as the fast and flexible service.

Variable frequency drives – VFD VYBO Electric

Variable frequency drives are electronic devices that allow the conversion of an electrical quantity. The frequency converter converts an alternating current with a certain (fixed) frequency to a voltage with variable amplitude and frequency, resulting in a voltage conversion. In three-phase electric motors, it is possible to regulate the speed and torque of the AC electric motor by changing the frequency. This control does not limit the performance of the three-phase motor, it only improves its efficiency. Such electric motors are often used in industrial environments and are particularly common in the field of drive technology.

Variable frequency drives (VFD's) on stock

We offer a full range of variable frequency drives (frequency converters).
– for standard operations series A550
– for demanding operations, the V800 series with vector control
– for heavy industrial use V810 (for 400V, 500V even up to 690V and 1100V) up to 3000kW
– for dusty and wet operations with high protection against ambient conditions X550
– MV1000 medium and high voltage frequency converters

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Gallery - variable frequency drives from VYBO Electric

VYBO Electric has its own service center for the frequency converters on offer. And importantly, we have our own development center, which is constantly working to improve these precision devices. We also established counseling about our frequency drives, both personal and telephone. We have vast experience of high power frequency converters. Large number of installations in whole Europe. We also offer online problem solving.

Sale of frequency converters

Variable frequency drive is manufactured both for general use, where the converter works without feedback and high accuracy is not required and low torque does not matter at low speeds (pumps, fans or conveyors) as well as for demanding applications where feedback can be provided by various types of sensors. Simple feedback for frequency converters with a speed sensor on the shaft is used for winches, elevators, cranes, etc. The application of variable frequency drives (VFD’s) is very wide, from simple machines to their use in fully automated operations, and their price is based on this.

Why variable frequency drives from VYBO Electric?

The frequency converter from VYBO Electric is a good choice. Here are some arguments to confirm this:

  • the best prices on the market
  • express delivery of VFD’s
  • free consultations and advice
  • wide range of converters for all applications
  • possibility of delivery of electric motors, gearboxes and accessories
  • one of the largest warehouses in the area