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Medium or high voltage motor 1000kW,H27R

1000kW electric motor

1000kW electric motor

1000kW medium voltage motor IC611

Electric motor, 1000kW, H27R will satisfy all your needs. All MV and HV motor systems from our extensive portfolio ensure excellent reliability and long life. Our high-voltage motors provide added value, which brings significant cost savings over the service life. Medium and high voltage motors

Medium, high voltage motor, H27R, 1000kW

Medium, high voltage motor, H27R, 1000kW is available in in several different voltages: 3000V 3(kV), 3300V (3,3kV) 4160V (4,16kV) 6000V (6,6kV) 10 000V (10kV) 11 000V (11kV) 13 800V (13,8kV) and other.

Type of cooling: IC611, IC616, IC666, IC81W, IC86W, IC01, IC06

Type of protection: IP44, IP54, IP55, IP65, IP67

Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz and other

Medium, high voltage motor H27R 1000kW VYBO Electric in modular version available on stock

Medium and high voltage motors VYBO Electric 1000kW, 6000V are available in virtually every conceivable configuration, and offer power in the range of more than 20 MW. If you choose your high voltage motor from the MV or HV motor range, you will gain considerable flexibility. This includes several types of cooling systems and degrees of protection, as well as types suitable for use in aggressive environments and potentially hazardous areas.

VYBO Electric offers high-voltage asynchronous motors with short-circuit armature and ring electric motors. We supply motors in compact and modular versions, air and water cooled.

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Voltage: 3000V 3(kV), 3300V (3,3kV) 4160V (4,16kV) 6000V (6,6kV) 10 000V (10kV) 11 000V (11kV) 13 800V (13,8kV)

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Production process of medium and high voltage motors 1000kW H27R Electric motors

The production process of VYBO Electric H27R motors is mainly focused on quality. We consider the biggest advantages of our company: High quality, express fast delivery of goods, a wide selection of electric motors.

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The company has many years of experience in the production and distribution of various types of electric motors. We can design and manufacture an electric motor exactly according to specific customer requirements.

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Stator frames of 1000kW medium and high voltage motor H27R

– ribbed frame in gray cast iron

– welded frame for finned electric motors

– welded tubular frames

– welded modular constructions for high-power electric motors as well as modular frames in gray cast iron

– special aluminum frames for applications with low weight

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big power rotor
Types of rotors of 1000kW medium and high voltage motor H27R

– rotor with closed squirrel cage – aluminum

– rotor with closed squirrel cage – copper

– rotors with double copper cages

– slip ring rotors


Each winding works using high-tech VPI technology.


We regularly perform type tests, piece tests, full load testing of new electric motors, routine tests and many others…

Electric motor, 6000V, 1000kW from VYBO Electric is a guarantee of quality.

H27R electric motors with 1000kW have the best price-quality ratio. Their quality and efficiency are very high. Send us an e-mail at vyboelectric(at)vyboelectric.eu and get an offer in few minutes.

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All possible voltages available: 3000V,3300V, 6000V,6600V, 10 000V, 11 000V and other voltage, 3kV,3,3kV, 6kV,6,6kV 10kV, 11kV and other…

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Rated voltage

3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 11kV, 13,8kV and other


on request


2 – 48


50Hz, 60Hz and other


on request


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ISO certificates

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The best price-quality ratio

Compact design, robust frame

Custom dimensions

High efficiency

Minimal vibration and low noise

High quality long lasting bearings