Low voltage motors - LC

Low voltage motors - LC

Low voltage motors - LC

Low voltage motors - LC

Low voltage motors - LC

Low voltage motors - LC

Low voltage motors - LC

Low voltage motors LC provide a unique combination of high performance, reliability, compact size, easy maintenance and low losses. LC series of electric motors from VYBO Electric belong to the top quality level among low voltage motors.

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Standard IEC electric motors IE1,IE2,IE3,IE4

Type: 1LC,2LC,3LC,4LC series
Power: 22kW-400kW
Voltage: 380V-1000V

electric motor ic01

Open drip proof electric motors IE1,IE2,IE3,IE4

Type: 1LCOD,2LCOD,3LCOD series
Power: 55kW-710kW
Voltage: 380V-1000V

Low voltage motors LC VYBO Electric specification

VYBO Electric low voltage motors – maximum flexibility and quality for compact frame motors. VYBO Electric LV – low voltage motors in compact frame are available in many configurations. They offer power of up to 3000kW.

Standard IEC electric motors IE1,IE2,IE3,IE4

Power 22kW – 400 kW
Speed 3000 / 1500 / 1000 / (750) and less rpm
Frame size 160-355
Voltage 230/400 V, 400/690 V, 500 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Protection class IP55
Efficiency class IE1(only special aplications),IE2,IE3 (Premium Efficiency)IE4(super premium effeciency)
Insulation class F/B
Color RAL 7030 (stone grey) (can choose)
Mounting IM B3, IM B35, IM B5, IMV1…
Type of cooling IC 411 self-cooled, IC 416 forced-air cooling
Coolant temperature Standard: -20 °C to +40 °C
Installation altitude 1000 m above sea level
Housing material Cast iron
Direction of rotation clockwise / counter-clockwise
Poles: 2-24 poles

Open drip proof electric motors IE1,IE2,IE3,IE4

IE Class IE1,IE2,IE3
Output 55kW – 710kW
Poles 2|4|6 pole
Speeds 1000–3600 RPM
RPM frequency 50 Hz | 60 Hz
Cast Iron framesize 160-355
Protection IP23
Temperature class B,F
Cooling IC01
Insulation class F,H
Duty type S
Standards IEC 60034-30 | IEC 60034-1-30
Voltage 400V Δ. Other voltages can be supplied on request.

Online contact

00421 948 834 888
(international sales manager)
Email: fv@vyboelectric.eu

Low voltage motors LC compact frame – 3D visualisation – pictures

Multi-purpose low voltage motors provide the possibility of simple installation and quick start. They have many built-in service functions. Motors designed for use with variable frequency drives (VFD) are also available. Variable frequency drives (VFD) generally provide more precise process control and even higher degree of efficiency in constant torque or quadratic applications.

VYBO Electric low voltage motors are available as the LC series for general use.

The LC Series motors have affordable standardized design with high productivity, high safety, very high reliability and very efficient use of electricity. They are designed for applications where a specially developed engine is not necessary.

Benefits of low voltage motors LC

These are the main benefits of low voltage motors from VYBO Electric:
– oval fixing holes for easier installation
– they minimize the vibration
– built-in serviceability features reduce cost of not running and downtime
– bearing and winding PT100
– drawings, performance data and other information are available immediately
– SPM nipple for shock pulse measuring in each antifriction bearing

Main options available after evaluation:
– VFD supply

– altitude over 1000m

For some voltage levels:
– extended warranty

– possibility to rotate MTB
– seaworthy packing

Low voltage motors LC – available on stock

VYBO Electric low voltage motors are now ready to be shipped from Spišská Nová Ves factory to meet your urgent needs. Available frame sizes are from 160 to 355, output from 22kW to 710kW. Motors fulfill IEC standards (electrically).

Supply flexibility of low voltage motors VYBO Electric

Supply flexibility for LV motors VYBO Electric.
Both direct-online-DOL and variable frequency drive – VFD operation are available. Also VFD operation, which optimizes the motor’s performance, controls your process more accurately and minimizes energy consumption.

Electric motors – high power density for compact frames.
High power density means that for a given output you can often use a motor one frame size smaller than with conventional products. This compactness helps the motors with space challenges and to fit better in various different applications.

Comprehensive documentation is ready for you, with electrical performance data and drawings. A dedicated data sheet with the necessary performance data can be quickly prepared by VYBO Electric sales support.